Yushuyang Floor Co. Ltd. is the manufacturer of high quality engineered flooring with production facilities located in Taiwan.  The company has nearly 30 years of history in the market, famous of supplying high quality flooring products all over the world.  Yushuyang has been strongly investing in research development of new technologies and product design. 

Oak Rustic Nature
Smoked Oak Rustic Nature
Walnut Rustic Sap White
Oak Gray White
Pest Free Flooring 1
Pest Free Flooring 2
Testing Report 1
Testing Report 2
Testing Report 3
Carrymay Refine Series
Floring Series
Modern Series
Natural Wooden Panel 1
Natural Wooden Panel 2
Natural Wooden Panel 3
Natural Wooden Panel 4
Carrymay Wooden Panel
Wooden Panel installed in a shop
Handscrapped Flooring 1
Handscrapped Flooring 2
Warm Flooring 1
Warm Flooring 2
Warm Flooring 3
Warm Flooring 4
Showroom of Carrymay 1
Showroom of Carrymay 2
Outlook of factory of Carrymay
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